Cheltenham Russian Language School Dialogue

Contact details: Tel: 07896967628 , 07726914922


The school provides children a unique opportunity to communicate in Russian language.

We introduce the Russian alphabet and teach children to speak, read and write in Russian, discover Russian cultural traditions. We also offer preparation for GCSE and A-level exams, English, German, Lithuanian, piano lessons and classes for adults.

We offer classes tailored to the needs of individual groups of pupils of school age. We also provide entertaining educational activities for toddlers.

The preschool class is bubbling with a festive atmosphere, where children sing, draw, play, learn poems and enjoy Arts and crafts.

Our goals

The main goals of the Russian Language School Dialogue are to work with children with Russian-speaking background and any person learning Russian, helping them to learn the Russian language and to discover the culture and traditions of the Russian heritage.

 Quality education

The Russian Language School Dialogue offers quality education through a series of interactive learning and engaging games. It provides a flexible approach to developing and improving the language skills.


In our school, we provide the education for children with various cultural background from different towns of Gloucestershire:  Cheltenham, Cirencester, Tewkesbury,  Worcester, Gloucester, Evesham.